Update from our Club Chairman

Despite the latest government announcement on relaxing restrictions from 4 July, we are still no clearer about when theatres might be able to open and what the exact rules may be when they do so. It seems likely that there will need to be social distancing rules – for performers as well as audiences. We do not anticipate undue difficulties for our performers, chamber music requiring only small numbers, but it seems the rules probably will limit audience numbers quite drastically. We are in touch with Malvern Theatres to keep abreast of their thinking on these matters as the position develops.

We cannot launch the 2020/21 season brochure and invite you to renew your subscriptions until we know the answers to these questions. This is as frustrating for the Committee as it must be for you. We may well have to make adjustments and some of our early concerts, particularly the September one, are already looking vulnerable. Rest assured, we will put on our concerts if we possibly can. The Club’s finances are strong enough to withstand a season when we may not be allowed to fill all the seats.

We are keen to understand how members feel about attending our concerts in these circumstances. With this in mind we have set up a small working group, led by Dick Stockford, to try to find this out. Committee members will be carrying out a telephone ‘straw poll’ of a sample of our membership later in July. They will also be looking into the feasibility
and desirability of streaming concerts for those unable or unwilling to attend, and will be asking about that too. If you would prefer not to be contacted in this way or have information which may be of help, please contact Dick Stockford.

John Gregory