Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Malvern Concert Club (‘the Club’) is aware that the protection of children and vulnerable adults is a shared responsibility. The Club recognises that it is a guiding principle of the law and child protection procedures that the protection and welfare of the child must always be the first priority.

At concerts presented by Malvern Concert Club at Malvern Theatres, children and vulnerable adults are protected by the Safeguarding Policy of Malvern Theatres.

At such events, students from invited school(s) may support the Club by assisting with the sale of programmes and other duties. They are protected by the Safeguarding Policy of their school(s), and are always accompanied by responsible staff from their school(s). The Club does not engage the voluntary services of schoolchildren at its events without the presence of a responsible member of the relevant school staff.

Children attending concerts with a responsible adult do so under the supervision and control of that adult. The Club does not admit unaccompanied children to its concerts at venues without their own safeguarding policies.

Children attending, at the Club’s invitation to their schools, age-specific concerts and workshops organised by the Club, do so as part of an Educational Visit organised by their schools and are accompanied by staff from their schools, who are responsible for them under the Safeguarding Policies and Procedures of the relevant schools.

Any member of the Club who has a safeguarding concern at one of the events organised by the Club, must pass on this concern to one of the Club’s Officers, who will contact the relevant member of the accompanying teaching staff.

This Safeguarding Policy is reviewed annually.

Adopted by the Trustees of Malvern Concert Club on 8 February 2018