Darkness and Light

Those of you attending the inspirational piano recital by Pavel Kolesnikov last November will have noticed that the lighting in The Forum was quite subdued – unlike the artist or indeed the audience. Some liked it, and felt it aided their concentration on an intense, and through- played programme. Others did not, a particular point being made that it was difficult to read the programme (true!). The Committee has considered this question on previous occasions and of course it is impossible to please both sides of the debate. Our view remains that this is essentially something for the performer(s) to decide.

This stance was reinforced for me as I was lucky enough to be present when Pavel was practising on the afternoon of the concert. With the help of Malvern Theatres’ technical crew, he paid meticulous attention to the exact position of the piano, the overall level of lighting in the hall, and the spots lighting him, both whilst playing and standing to take the applause. I had to ‘deputise’ for him on the latter, so he could see for himself. (And for a moment I was imagining what it must feel like to receive a standing ovation…)

John Gregory, Chairman