Malvern Concert Club

Club Membership and Subscriptions

2021-22 Membership

Malvern Concert Club offers tickets to the general public to its concerts, bookable through Malvern Theatres for £22.00 each plus fees. However, for anyone who wishes to attend several concerts in a Club season, becoming a member – which all are welcome to do – offers a considerable saving. A subscription of tickets for the six main concerts can be purchased for a cost of £14.00 per ticket plus an administration fee for the whole season of £2.00.

This season, we include the option to purchase a ticket on the same favourable terms for the recital by Llyr Williams on Sunday 13th February at 3pm as part of the membership subscription.

Besides their high quality, our concerts offer exceptional value for money to members. A subscription for the season offers:

  • Concerts at just £14 each compared to £22 (excluding fees)
  • No Theatres’ Heritage Fund contribution or booking fees
  • One free ticket for each concert for a young person under 18 (8th April concert not included)
  • The freedom to transfer your ticket to someone else
  • The chance to participate in Club affairs.

The Club has previously offered Student membership at a greatly reduced rate, but participation has been very low. This subscription has therefore been discontinued. Tickets for students aged under 21 and in full-time education at the time of any subscription concert can be purchased from the Malvern Theatres box office for £5.00 per concert plus fees. Please also note the offer to members of a free young person’s ticket above.

Open to all

All concerts are open to both members and non-members. However once you have tried the experience, we hope you might like to join us as a member. Application for Club membership is welcomed from individuals, couples and household groups.

How much does it cost?

Membership for the 2021-22 season is £86.00 per person for six concerts (therefore £172.00 for two people) or £100.00 per person for seven concerts.

If you have received a code to offset one or more £10.00 priority membership fee(s) paid since May 2021, please apply it when purchasing your subscription(s).

How to buy membership

You can buy membership online (below) or you can contact the membership secretary, Bryan Ratcliff, on 07970 569293 or by email here.