Change of Publicity and Marketing Officer

From Sarah Musgrave:

As you will have noted from the AGM item, I have retired from the committee, having served for six years. After having acted as the Club’s Publicity and Marketing Officer for the latter part of my first year, I agreed to take on this role for a fixed period of five years. I can hardly believe that this term of office has now expired, as the time has simply flown by!

During this period, I have enjoyed meeting some of the most talented musicians in the world and I have been privileged to have had my knowledge of chamber music extended considerably by them. I am deeply grateful for the support given to me by others on the committee and, in particular, Peter Thomas, who undertook this role prior to becoming Club Secretary and who sadly
died earlier this year.

During my term of office, we established links with artists and organisations on Facebook and our online presence was improved by the support of a new website, which provides online opportunities to purchase membership and tickets to individual concerts.

I wish to thank all who have helped me with Publicity and Marketing over the past five years. There are many of you who distribute posters, flyers and brochures, as well as those who support with advertising and the management of our online presence – far too many to name here, but thank you everyone.

I was surprised and flattered to receive a gift from the Club from our Chairman last week. My husband and I are in the process of moving house and we shall miss our beautiful rose garden. John presented me with a voucher for David Austin Roses which will buy three lovely roses for our new garden. I have already chosen to buy ‘Benjamin Britten’ as one of the three, as it will serve as a reminder that MCC introduced me to his chamber music. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

I have hugely enjoyed my term of office, but feel that succession is positive and refreshing for the Club. I know that my successor, Dick Stockford, will bring new ideas and has the energy to drive them forward. I wish him a happy and successful term of office and feel privileged to be able to support him by continuing to edit the newsletter.

Sarah Musgrave

Dick Stockford

Dick Stockford was born in Worcester and went to school at Hanley Castle. He studied for his degree in Economics in Liverpool in the 1960s and has a good understanding of health and social
care at all levels.

Dick is Chair of Growing Points, a charity he founded which helps people of ambition from excluded communities into positions of leadership. He is also a trustee of a mental health charity based in the North. Locally he is involved in bringing refugee families to Malvern through a local charity he helped to established soon after he arrived. Although his career took him to various parts of the country, he regards the move to Malvern as ‘returning home’.

As a senior public servant (starting out as a criminologist), he worked closely with ministers in the turbulent years following the Thatcher reform of the NHS through to Blair’s arrival in 1997. He is a Quaker and married to Diana with four grown-up children and three grandchildren. He enjoys walking, classical music and jazz and, when time allows, metal sculpture.