Cancellation of Gesualdo Six Concert

It was very unfortunate that our advertised February Sunday afternoon concert coincided with Storm Ciara and we had to cancel the event. The Gesualdo Six, unable to travel from London, were as disappointed as we were. They spread the word on Twitter and organised an informal performance at a London church, which was streamed live on their Facebook page. Here in Malvern, your committee ensured that as many as possible knew of the cancellation, resulting in only a few people turning up at the Priory at concert time. Two of us met them there to explain. The costs of tickets purchased through the Club were all refunded within the week. Since then, I have explored many options with those involved, but I am very sorry to say that it has not proved possible to re-schedule this concert.

We are all concerned about the potential effects of coronavirus, but the Concert Club will continue as normal, unless prevented from doing so. Any such cancellation will be posted on the website and members will be reimbursed for any tickets purchased.